Entrelec ADO (IDC) Terminal Blocks


ADO (IDC) Terminal Blocks


Entrelec offers a unique screw-less connection system called the ADO SystemŽ. This system is comprised of two complementary pieces: An insulation displacement connection (IDC) terminal block, and a tool that cuts, strips, and inserts the wire into the connector. The benefits of using this system are:
  • ● Time-Saving Installation (80% faster than screw
  • ● Error-Proof Cutting, Stripping and Insertion of Wires
  • ● Vibration-and Corrosion-Proof
  • ● Eliminates Installer Fatigue
  • ● Side Entry of both Solid or Stranded Conductors
  • ● Wire Sizes Ranging from 24 AWG to 12AWG
  • ● Accepts up to Two Identical Wires
  • ● Current Carrying Capacity up to 25 Amps
  • ● Voltage Ratings of up to 600
  • ● Spacing Ranges from 5 to 8 mm
  • ● Many Functions Available
  • ● Complete Line of Accessories and Marking Systems

The ADO SystemŽ mounts on industry standard DIN rails. It also offers combination connections of both screw clamp and IDC in one terminal block. In addition to general-purpose IDC terminal blocks, the ADO SystemŽ is used in Mini Terminal Blocks (Miniblocks for DIN 2) and the ATEX product line. This system is also used in Railway applications.


Product Offerings

ATEX Terminal Blocks
Cable Management System
IDC (ADO) Terminal Blocks
PLC Wiring System (Interfast)
Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks

AMS 500 Marking Systems
Blocks for 5.08mm Connection
Distribution Terminal Blocks
Mini Terminal Blocks
Power Terminal Blocks
Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks

Catalogs / Literature
Entrelec ADO System 1.64MB
Terminal Block Accessories 1MB
AMS 500 Marking System 2.97MB

Entrelec CAD Drawing Library

Entrelec offers a CAD drawing library of terminal block and accessory outlines. Drawings of individual components are in DWG and DXF formats, for use in most CAD software.

file size: 4.5MB
file size: 971KB

ADO System (IDC) Terminal Block Catalog
ADO System (IDC) Terminal Block Main Catalog
The ADO Main Catalog includes 126 pages of technical information, illustrations, specifications, and matching accessories. Including the following types of terminal blocks:
ADO - Screw clamp, ADO-ADO,
ADO - Pluggable, ADO for railway applications and installation tools for these blocks. ABB absolute marking system provides a fast and accurate
method to identify all your connections.

Download ADO Main Catalog (12.4MB)

Right click and save PDF files to your computer before opening.


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